About the Item

There’s an optimistic feel for this energetic and uplifting track. It has a simple, warm melody running through the track. It has different sections within the track to help the user tell stories or build excitement.

This motivational music is suitable for various projects, including presentations, corporate videos, tutorials, montages and commercials. Featuring electric and acoustic guitars, synths, pianos, percussion, guitars, soft FX and warm pads

There are five versions of this track. There is a short commercial spot version (30 seconds) as well as an underscore.
It also comes with two seamless loop edits allowing the user to extend the track for as long as they need it to be.

Track 01 : Full version – 2:08
Track 02 : Commercial spot – 30 seconds
Track 03 : Underscore – 2:08
Track 04 : LOOP 1 – 32 seconds
Track 05 : LOOP 2 – 32 seconds