MiskFX 5

Download a FREE SAMPLER of MiskFX:5 containing a handful of royalty free imaging FX. Use them in your radio, TV or online production. 5th in the series of radio imaging FX packages from Miskaudio.com, MiskFX 5 contains 250 high quality, cutting-edge. It containing swipes, hits, transitions, tones, atoms, glitches and more. Royalty free audio, available […]

Royalty-Free Music – An explanation

What is Royalty-Free Music? Here’s an explanation Quite a few people struggle to understand the term. So, what is royalty-free music? Many assume that it is music or sound effects (FX) that you have to pay for every time you use, or after so many plays of the video, etc. That is not how works. […]

Radio Terminology (Jargon) Guide

In this article Radio terminology is explained.  There are so many terms and much jargon in the radio industry.  When I first started out in radio I was bombarded by words which I didn’t understand.  I just nodded and tried to work out what the hell my colleagues were talking about.   So to save […]